There’s a mantra we live by at Lello: TUTTA LA PASTA FATTA IN CASA. It means “all pasta made in house” – and when you’ve got a Head Chef like Leo Gelsomino in charge of the kitchen, there’s simply no other way.

Leonardo & Linda Gelsomino own and operate Melbourne’s Lello Artisan pasta.After permanently closing their flinders Lane Restaurant due to Covid the pair “did not get stuck in the weeds” and began to distribute their handmade fresh, dry pasta and sugo to specialty retail stores across Australia. Leonardo Gelsomino is the sole Australian custodian (only chef in Australian) of “Su Filindeu” or “thread of god pasta” the worlds rarest pasta after being chosen in 2019 two travel to Sardinia and be taught by La Cucina delle Matriarche. Lello Artisan Pasta uses Australian durum wheat semolina and a production method which retains all nutritional properties. Working in small batches all our pastas go through Bonze Die Extruders, giving the pasta a rough texture that hold sauces perfectly.All dry pastas are vegan friendly.

Lello Pasta

Italian food made from scratch, by Leonardo Gelsomino who care’s about what he creates.

Our pasta is prepared from scratch each day, using a special sprouted, germinated flour to give it lower gluten content and authentic Italian flavour.

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